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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Many people have heard of physical therapy (PT), but may not know what it is all about. Sometimes physical therapy practitioners acquire the reputation of being drill sergeants or that treatments are "just exercise." So, what does physical therapy really consist of? It helps clients improve functionality in their daily life. Physical Therapy helps to improve mobility, strength, joint range of motion, balance/coordination (and more!) to increase quality of life.

Development of physical abilities as a child plays impacts function as an adult. At the SpOT Clinic, we provide services to the pediatric population that benefit from habilitative and rehabilitative therapy. For example, a child that is diagnosed with developmental delays may be delayed in walking according to their average age range. and would benefit from PT.

Our team of skilled and experienced PT practitioners strive to create individualized, evidence-based, and fun interventions to increase carry-over and success.

Pediatric Physical Therapy uses many therapeutic interventions such as exercise, neuro-re-education, gait training and more to assist you and your child achieve their highest potential and have fun in the process.

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