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Importance of Parent Involvement in Speech Therapy

Updated: Feb 7

If your child has just started speech therapy or if they are a speech therapy pro, this is for you. I am about to unveil one of the biggest keys to your child’s success, and that is YOU. Speech therapy does not begin and end at the clinic, it is continued in everyday activities.

As therapists we treat your child once, maybe twice a week in a clinical setting while you interact with your child in their natural environment. We try our best to get to know your child and their preferred toys, how they handle problems, and their struggles. However, a speech therapist can never replace a caregiver's connection with their child. That is why continuing therapy activities at home is beneficial and crucial to your child’s success. By continuing what they learn during their therapy session at home you are familiarizing your child and making them more comfortable with what they are doing or will be doing when they step into the clinic.

Working with your speech therapist on instituting a HEP (home exercise program) is one way to help your child at home. Get to know your child’s therapist, ask them questions and ask for tips or tricks to help your child grasp a certain skill or hard articulation sound. We love when you ask us questions. Do not be afraid to ask us a question even if you think it is small or unimportant. Your questions are valid and show us that you are trying to be an active participant in your child’s therapy journey, which does not go unnoticed.

As a clinic we have started sending home more handouts and working on our parent education. Our goal is to help you as much as possible when it comes to your children, informing you on your child’s progress, their goals, and session information is just one way to do so. Fostering a strong therapist - caregiver relationship will only lead to a positive therapist - child relationship and help them get one step closer to achieving the main goal…. unlocking their voice’s full potential.

Emma Grace Wilson, B.S. SLPA

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

The SpOT Clinic in Gulf Shores

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