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Carry-Over is Key!

Consider the following: A pediatric therapist only sees your child 1-2 hours a week. Most of your child's week is spent with caregivers and teachers, so that is when the growth and learning really happens. In the clinic, we get to assess that growth and provide strategies, activities, and tools to use between your child’s sessions to further their progress.

It is very important for you to recognize the vital role you play in your child’s progress in therapy. It is the caregivers job to attempt to implement the suggestions of the therapist and then provide feedback and what did or did not work. This may seem like a lot- it may seem hard, and those feelings are valid. We tell each of your children: “You can do hard things” and so can YOU! It helps to remember you are not in this alone. When a therapist gives you or your child a Home Exercise Plan (or homework), it is to ensure that what we implement during therapy is carried over at home. We understand your week is not predictable and you may not find the time to ensure the home plan is implemented; we can all only try our best. Our aim is to equip you with the tools you need to help your child succeed, including understanding of the home program. If something is unclear, we want you to feel comfortable asking. This therapist-caregiver collaboration is key because you know your child best.

If your child is seen for multiple disciplines in one day, one of your child’s therapists may not be able to talk with you. In this case, we send a note like the one below. Pay close attention to the home plan. Our end goal is for your child to thrive in their typical environment, not just in the clinic. Weekly feedback and collaboration will increase understanding between therapist and caregiver, therefore resulting in more accurate and client centered therapy interventions.


The SpOT Clinic is an outpatient pediatric Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy clinic. We serve North Alabama and the greater Gulf Shores area. Applied Behavioral Analysis services are available at the Gulf Shores location.

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