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Other Services

 Therapy Contract Services:

The SpOT Clinic offers speech-language pathology, physical, and occupational therapy contract services to schools and other private practice clinics, and other facilities needing temporary or permanent speech and language, physical, or occupational therapy services.  We are able to provide full time or part time hours within a 60 mile radius from our clinic with a signed contract.  You may contact Mrs. Tracy for more information at or by phone at (256) 517-9277.

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Inservice Education:

Giving a Speech

We are available to provide inservice education or training to teachers, parents, administrators, daycare providers, or community groups in speech, language, and child development.  We plan to offer an inservice in the near future regarding developmentally appropriate handwriting skills and phonological awareness skills.  We also offer training regarding the age of typical development for sounds in children.  If you have an idea for training that you might need, please contact us.

Speech/Language Screenings:

The SpOT Clinic will contract with daycare centers around North Alabama to provide speech and language screenings, and intend to provide fine motor screenings soon, to determine if a child with speech or language difficulty is age-appropriate or would benefit from skilled therapy services prior to beginning kindergarten services.  If you feel that your child needs services, we would love to hear your concerns or schedule a time for an evaluation.  

For adults, if an adult is suffering from memory or cognitive problems, call us to discuss normal aging versus difficulties we may be able to help with.  

Teacher and Young Student

Social Groups/Camps in the Summer:

Excited Children in Science Class

During summer break, children continue to need socialization in addition to treatment.  Some students need the social skills who may not require skilled speech or occupational therapy services.  We will be providing social skills camps and groups during June and July to assist in continuity of such skills.  Examples may include such things as a handwriting camp, an escape adventure camp, Lego Club, picky eater feeding camp, and/or a cooking camp.  These camps will be private pay only.  No insurance accepted for them and they will be on a first come, first served basis.  More information will be posted as they come available each spring.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned!

Support Groups:

A support group is a group of members who gather due to a shared reason to provide various types of help to one another.  This help may be to share coping strategies, personal experiences, listening and accepting others' experiences, providing understanding, and establishing social networks.  Relationships will be formed in the waiting room, but those relationships need to be cultivated.  The SpOT Clinic wants to help in establishing and building those relationships by helping to form support groups.  We would like to see active support groups for:

  • Parents of children on the autism spectrum and similar disorders

  • Any other support group that our families might need

Support Groups
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