Physical Therapy Services

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Early Childhood:

Preschool  Children:

School-Age Children:

We offer treatment for the following diagnoses (not all inclusive):

Railroad Set
Playing in Nursery

To schedule an evaluation:

Please contact The SpOT Clinic at 256-517-9277 to schedule a physical therapy evaluation. A physician's referral/prescription is required prior to scheduling.  Evaluations may be conducted over one to two days depending on your child’s needs. We want to ensure that each child is able to show us their current skill level to the best of their abilities. Depending on your child, a combination of age-level standardized assessments, clinical observations, as well as parent questionnaires and interviews will be used to obtain the most appropriate measures of his/her current level of functioning. If it is determined that your child would benefit from alternative or additional services, we work with each family to ensure that appropriate referrals are made.